Sara's House

Sara’s Project, “Sara’s House” is a child friendly facility for sexually and physically abused children serving Cater, Love, Marshall, Murray and Johnston Counties

Named for Sara (link to story), Sara’s House is our local Child Advocacy Center. Sara’s House provides a safe, child focused setting for children and their support system. Sara’s House was established in 2001 and has been providing services to children since that time.

What a blessing this place was for my little girl. When she shared with me that she had been sexually abused my world was shattered. At the Center, she only had to tell her story one time to one person. The nurse was contacted and they did her medical exam on-site. Their staff scheduled an appointment with the counselor for the next day. I can’t imagine going through this horrible experience without this wonderful place.

A Thankful Parent

Benefits of Sara’s House

During the course of a child abuse investigation, children are brought to Sara’s House for forensic interviews, medical evaluation, advocacy and case tracking. Our number one client is the child, and our goal is to focus all of our resources around each child to get them back to being a kid as soon as possible.

Sara’s House is made possible by a coordinated, multidisciplinary team of partner agencies including the District Attorney, Law Enforcement, Department of Human Services, medical and mental health teams and our Child Advocacy Center staff. These agencies work together to ensure a proper joint investigation. The multidisciplinary team facilitates better cooperation, communication and coordination between the various agencies responsible for the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

We provide services to the 20th judicial district, including Marshall, Murray, Johnston, Carter and Love Counties. There are many benefits of Sara’s House, including:

  • Child friendly facility
  • Reduces trauma for the child
  • Investigative team approach
  • Forensic interviews
  • Victim and family advocacy services
  • On-site examinations
  • Mental health counseling
  • Strengthened investigations
  • Backpacks containing essential items
  • Education and outreach to the community

To find out more about Sara’s House, contact Lara Welch, Forensic Interviewer at  or (580) 226-7283.


The C/SARA Foundation (Crisis Support and Resource Association) became a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization formed in December of 1991. The foundation’s exclusive function is for charitable and educational purposes, primarily for providing assistance for research, development, implementation and long-term support of crisis management and intervention programs in the schools and community. These goals were based on the fact that awareness and appropriate management of emotional, psychic and physical trauma in children may prevent later dysfunction and disability.

In 1998, C/SARA Foundation established training in suicide intervention. Front-line personnel from southern Oklahoma communities are acquiring the skills they need to train police, firefighters, health care, teachers, and other professionals in recognizing the signs of suicide and developing skills for prevention and invention.

In 2000, C/SARA Foundation undertook the development of a residential Child Advocacy Center to help reduce trauma to child victims of sexual and physical abuse. “Sara’s House” serves the children of Carter, Love, Marshall, Murray and Johnston Counties and has been modeled to assist other communities and counties in Oklahoma in the area of child abuse prevention and treatment.

In 2008 the development of the Sexual Assault Response Team was completed. Adult victims of sexual assault now have a private more confidential setting for medical assessment. This community collaboration benefits both clients and agencies in Carter, Love, Marshall, Murray and Johnston Counties.

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